The 47th Data Assimilation Seminar (June 28)

We held the 47th Data Assimilation Seminar at RIKEN Center for Computational Science (R-CCS) on June 28.

The seminar talk was given by Prof. John C. Wells from Ritsumeikan University. He has stayed in our team as a visiting scientist for two months since May. During this stay, he has been working on research aiming for nowcasting of water current and temperature of Lake Biwa.

In this seminar, we learned the water flow measurement in Lake Biwa using the method called Coastal Acoustic Tomography (CAT) and a comprehensive review of the methods to estimate subsurface flow from the fluctuating velocities and height at the surface of a river or sea.

DA seminar, Lecture, 28th Jun. 2018
DA seminar, Group photo, 28th Jun. 2018

For details, please see the following DA seminar page: