Data Assimilation Seminar – Dr Atsushi Okazaki [R-CCS]

We held the 57th Data Assimilation Seminar at RIKEN Center for Computational Science (R-CCS) on 25 April.

The talk was given by our very own Dr. Atsushi Okazaki from the Data Assimilation team at RIKEN R-CCS. Dr Okazaki presented his research on testing the feasibility of a a new type of geostationary satellite that would be able to provide continuous space borne precipitation radar observations, similar to those of Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) and Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM). Dr. Okazaki has been testing the impact of such observation on numerical weather prediction for a tropical cyclone case. His results showed promising impact on track and intensity forecasts with the assimilation of such observations.

Dr Okazaki has been member of the Data Assimilation team for 3 years but will leave next month to start a new position in the United States . We are very sad to see him leave but wish him all the best in the future and hopefully see him again very soon. Good luck Atsushi!

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